AAPA 2022! Bundle and volume discounts coming soon! AAPA 2022! Bundle and volume discounts coming soon!

    A Grossing Matter

    A ruler fit for today's Prosectors.

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    The first Left-Handed grossing ruler

    Not everyone is right-handed

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    A metric scale on every edge for those who pick up and put down a ruler 100 times a day.

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    Longer, wider, thicker

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    Grossing can get gross

    Grossing can get gross

    Scrub and scrub without fear of scrubbing away your ruler.

    Grosser's Cut™

    Grosser's Cut™

    Minimal end trim while maintaining measurement fidelity.

    Blog posts

    • August 09, 2022 Grosser's Cut
      Grosser's Cut One section per cm with two sections submitted per cassette. I closed the cassettes and turned to my preceptor. She looked back with a face that said "you missed something".  Continue reading
    • August 09, 2022 Yaamo Rulers
      Yaamo Rulers We pick up a ruler to measure things like 100 times a day. Pick it up, measure a thing, put it down, rinse, and repeat. Often, to capture the third dimension, we stand the ruler up on end next to... Continue reading