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Yaamo Rulers

Yaamo Rulers

We pick up a ruler to measure things like 100 times a day. Pick it up, measure a thing, put it down, rinse, and repeat. Often, to capture the third dimension, we stand the ruler up on end next to the thing we're measuring. It's likely the thing we're measuring is a dirty biohazard; the rulers get covered in material. 

So, Yaamo rulers are our favorite because they were made to be picked up, measure starting from 0 cm, and withstand a vigorous cleaning 100 times a day. 

Each edge of the rulers has a centimeter scale. We only report our findings in metric units. Each ruler comes with the centimeter scale's digits oriented so that you can start measuring from zero cm. Maybe that sounds weird like "duh, start from zero." Mhm, be left handed and hold a ruler with one metric edge up to a thing. Our experience had been that all rulers were oriented for right-handed users so we had to start at the other end's 15cm marking and count down. The 12.3 cm line means the thing we're measuring is 3.3 cm. 

We would prefer to start measuring from 0 cm- less opportunity for error. Each ruler is double-sided so it's ready to measure however it's picked up. The rulers are flexible for when the thing you're measuring is irregular. And each ruler you're able to scrub the figurative, and unfortunately literal, shit out of. Shit happens, as does blood, bile, cyst cheese, foot cheese, (please, no more cheese), and it can get everywhere. The rulers we were used to would be scratched by the abrasive pads necessary to get our instruments clean. The degree to which some of us would let our old rulers get scratched before replacement was frustrating, "how can you live like this?" The scale would be scraped away so bad that how couldn't it be a liability? 

Yaamo rulers aren't invincible but they can take a beating. When a ruler's toolbox-mates are all stainless steel, the ruler should be tough enough to take a beating and still perform. Each ruler comes with a beautiful clear coat that really makes it pop from within the packaging. Yeah, that clear coat is a goner after a few scrubs but the functional ruler markings will persist. Our rulers' markings last longer than anything else we are used to. The markings and edges will eventually wear but such is the nature of impermanent objects. We're confident that you'll appreciate the service life of our rulers.